1.) Q: How many waypoints can be stored?
1.) A: It can store up to 190,000 waypoints.

2.) Q: What does the green LED represents?
2.) A: The green LED refers to the GPS fix. If it is flashing, the GPS position is fixed. If it is steady, it's still searching.

3.) Q: What does the red/orange LED represents?
3.) A: The red/orange LED is for power status. If it is flashing red, the device has low power. If it is solid red, it is on.
If it is solid orange, it is charging.

4.) Q: What does the blue LED represents?
4.) A: The blue LED is for memory status. If it is flashing, the memory is up to 80%. If it is solid, the memory is full.

5.) Q: How do you save a waypoint?
5.) A: By manually pressing the power button.

6.) Q: What format types can be exported?
6.) A: The exporting formats include KML, CSV, and GPX.

7.) Q: What GPS data is stored?
7.) A: The data that it can store are the following: Position, Time, Date, Speed, and Altitude.

8.) Q: Is it RoHS compliant?
8.) A: Yes.

9.) Q: What is the size of the memory?
9.) A: The size of the memory is about 4 MB.

10.) Q: Is it possible to only save the marked points?
10.) A: Yes. With the DataCenter program, you can go to File > Save Marked Points As.

11.) Q: Is my device WAAS/EGNOS enabled?
11.) A: Yes, if you purchased the device directly from us or from one of our authorized resellers.

12.) Q: Can I view the Height in the unit of feet?
12.) A: Yes. You can do this by going to View > Height and select Feet.

13.) Q: Is this device waterproof?
13.) A: No.

14.) Q: What platforms are supported?
14.) A: The supported platforms are Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

15.) Q: What is the official time required to fully charge the unit?
15.) A: You can fully charge the unit within 3 hours.

16.) Q: What datum is used?
16.) A: It is the WGS-84.

17.) Q: How many satellites are needed for 3-D positioning?
17.) A: A minimum of 4 satellites (3 for 2D-no altitude)

18.) Q: How long will the device function before the battery dies?
18.) A: You can use the device up to 20 hours.

19.) Q: How many channels does the device have?
19.) A: The device has 20 channels.

20.) Q: What is the baud rate?
20.) A: The baud rate is 230400,N,8,1.